New Arrival Bamboo Items From Simtex

New Arrival Bamboo Items Come here to check our new bamboo items for your bathroom . For our bamboo items range products, we use E1 glue […]

Bamboo Banana Holder

Bamboo Banana Holder Bamboo Banana Holder not only can organize the delicious fruit,but also can be a decor for your lovely kitchen.Style your kitchen with the […]

bamboo keyboard

bamboo keyboard bamboo keyboard,For something that goes back 7,000 years in history in its 10,000 uses, Bamboo still leads the way with not only ancient design […]

How to take care of Bamboo bowls

Bamboo bowls are pretty, practical additions to any home. Whether used purely for decor or as serving bowls or even salad bowls, they’re a timeless classic. […]

The benefits of an environmentally friendly business

Running an environmentally friendly business helps you reduce your impact on the environment and preserves natural resources. Your business can help the environment in many ways. […]

5 Reasons Bamboo Is Great For Disposable Tableware

Ever since Bamboo has been used for fabrication it has been a very popular material. Sustainable and versatile, there are many reasons why Bamboo is so interesting when it comes to disposable tableware but also […]

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